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Robin Reinke & Associates Counseling

Robin believes life's difficulties can be opportunities for growth. 

She looks forward to providing the tools and resources to help you navigate the challenging seasons of life. Robin believes there is always hope for healing in every situation we encounter.

Welcome to Robin Reinke & Associates Counseling. Robin is a Licensed

Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist located in Carlsbad, California.

Robin's specializations include women's issues, grief and loss, trauma, PTSD, couples, anxiety, young adult (including college-aged) therapy and Christian counseling.  Robin is also trained in Restoration Therapy, EFT, and EMDR for trauma.

Restoration Therapy Center

Carlsbad, CA

760.560.6112 Mobile


Robin: RobinReinke@icloud.com 

Crystal: crystalst.johnlmft@gmail.com

Please call for an appointment and Robin, Crystal or one of our Associates will return your call.